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Senior Sales Assistant

Job responsibilities:

1. Provide sales support for company products in VIP public hospitals within the jurisdiction.

2. Regularly visit as needed, promote products to customers, and continuously increase product market share;

3. Explore potential channel customers and provide maintenance support to existing customers;

4. Fully understand the market situation, timely report the situation and market dynamics of competitors to superiors, and propose reasonable suggestions;

5. Assist in building project teams.

Job requirements:

1. Recruiting 2 individuals, aged 25-40, male or female, with a full-time 211 undergraduate degree or above, priority given to graduate students.

2. Priority will be given to majors related to medical devices, medical testing, pharmacy, biochemistry, clinical medicine, etc;

3. More than 3 years of sales work experience, with priority given to those with sales experience in medical equipment, consumables, and drugs;

4. Having experience in hospital sales, familiar with hospital workflow, possessing excellent hospital resources and sales channels, and passionate about sales and service work;

5. Has strong social skills and problem-solving abilities, as well as good communication, coordination, and teamwork skills.